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TL;DR (To Long; Didn't Read)
We DON'T (intentionally) track you.
We DON'T (intentionally) store your IP address.
We DON'T use cookies.
We DON'T obtain or store any financial or visitor login information via this site.

We DO store information you input when contacting us.
We DO maintain a record (count) of 'visitors' to this site.

Policy Overview
All Out Water Well Services & Drilling Ltd. ("Company") is committed to upholding your privacy online. Although just a local Saskatchewan water well drilling company, our team wants to ensure that any data or information we may collect from our customers is handled appropriately and not disclosed to outside parties without their explicit consent whenever possible. As we do not process customer financial information online or store your login/account information, this policy is not incredibly extensive, but will describe the information that is collected, the effort we take to secure that information, and how you can help to secure it as well.

The Information We Collect
When connecting to our website (WordPress instance installed on an OVH Virtual Private Server in Montreal, Quebec), our server collects some information to prevent abuse of this site and/or malicious attacks against our infrastructure. This information is not collected on the root domain ( in areas that are meant to be publicly accessible and are only of concern to the team at All Out Drilling (ex: website login, email login, server login). Our root domain ( does not currently collect IP addresses from users visiting our site, however, we do have plans to implement Matimo Analytics in the future and will disclose that information here when it is implemented. This analytics software will store an anonymized version of your IP address and device type from all visitors. Our tech-team is actively working to minimize any instance where your IP address would be disclosed to us as we do not need to obtain it for any usable purpose. Your IP address is the primary form of identification between the internet connection you are using to connect to our website and the site itself. It is also important to note that we do not currently have any cookies that are set in your browser when connecting to our root domain ( As we do not process logins or financial information by visitors of our website or host an online store, we do not need to set any cookies to improve your experience on our site.

We do however have multiple methods of contact available to visitors on our website that WILL take in your personal information should you provide it. Our site makes use of contact forms in order to simplify your ability as a visitor to get in touch with our team. These forms will provide our team with your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and any information you disclose to us in the message. These contact forms do not, to the best of our understanding, collect IP addresses upon submission. As well, our site makes available the ability to send us email and contact us via phone. Both of these contact methods will provide us with any information submitted by the individual with whom we have been contacted by.

How We Use The Information We Collect
As we do not collect any personal information that is not explicitly provided to us by you as a visitor of our website, our Company does not use any of the information provided other than to fulfill the requests of any individuals contacting us. For an example, our team may forward an email that has been sent to one company individual to another company individual to assist in providing you with the quickest response and most extensive support we can. Our goal is to provide superior water well drilling and services to Saskatchewan individuals, families, and organizations, nothing more. 

How We Protect Your Information
This site mandates an encrypted connection when visitors are connecting and we do not offer any materials/images/documents that are not contained within this encrypted connection. Commonly referred to as TLS or Transport Layer Security, the site is setup with a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate to ensure that you are never connecting to a malicious website that is posing as "". This also ensures that your browsing habits while on our website, including the information you send to our team via the contact forms contained on our Site are not intercepted maliciously by a third party while in transit. We encourage users to ensure that the website URL contains https:// before or you are able to see a visible "Lock Icon" beside the URL box at the top of your browser each time you connect to our Site.

Our email is hosted through Google Mail (Gmail for Business) and of course protected by their security team on their servers. We ensure that our password and recovery information for such is routinely updated to uphold the confidentiality of this information and to help safeguard it from any potential breach and malicious disclosure.

Who We Disclose Your Information To
Our Company has no real need to obtain extensive information about the individuals connecting to our Site. However, we would of course disclose any information (including that of which was communicated to us by a visitor/customer):

1. To comply with the law
2. To protect our rights or the rights of others
3. To enforce our policies

Changes To This Policy
Our Company and the tech-team at All Out Drilling will do our best to update and disclose any changes to this policy in a timely manor. Should you have issues or concerns with the information contained above or want to learn more about any of our data collection policies, you may contact our team directly using the following information:

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